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Welcome to my world of Art. I have always loved painting from a very young age. I won a free scholarship to Sunderland Art College while still at school. Tuition was limited as the war had just started and teachers were being called into service, also art materials were in short supply.

On leaving school and starting my working life, there was little time for art. Only occasionally I did the odd pencil sketch and never achieved my lifetime ambition to be an artist!

However when I retired I revived my interest in painting and gained more experience. These days I paint nearly every day using acrylic and watercolours as my choice of medium. My favourite subjects are buildings, street scenes and tramcars of my home town Sunderland, as it was fifty or sixty years ago.

A collection of my paintings can be seen in Sunderland Tourist information Centre.

I have also shown my work at exhibitions, which have caused a lot of interest and brought back many memories to visitors.


Thornton Place, Silksworth Row